meta adservices

meta adservices is the leading provider of useless images within iframes. meta adservices is inspired by johnvertisement. the primary differences to john are that meta adservices serves properly compressed images, is free software and is bit more responsive in general. check the source code on codeberg.

sample ad

use meta ads

Use meta ads by inserting the following iframe:

<iframe src="", style="border:none;width:728px;height:90px;"></iframe>

You SHOULD replace with your domain.

create meta ads

Send mail to
The mail MUST contain a ad name, ad image, URL to direct those who click it and optionally ad author name.
Some ads will be rejected for any or no reason at all. To create good ads, consider the following statements in the context of your ad (you must not satisfy all):

  1. It is funny, amusing or enigmatic in some way.
  2. It doesn't break any laws in germany.
  3. The link promotes a personal page or free software project page.
  4. The image is compressed losslessly.
  5. The image has a resolution of exactly 728x90.
  6. The image uses the sRGB color space.
  7. The image contains no nonfree assets.
  8. The image, URL or names should be free of malware


DomainImpression weightImpressions


data used by meta adservices:

data stored by meta adservices:

in case of questions or request mail